Why Pikes Northwest?

WARNING: Who you trust to manage one of your most significant investments is critical. After all, you’re relying on that party to not only know your property and your tenants, but to take their fiduciary responsibility very seriously, delivering on what they promise to you and your tenants, and always providing financial reports “on time and to the penny.”

This level of commitment requires a deep understanding and knowledge of commercial property management… Not necessarily a blend of residential and commercial management (they are incredibly different – requiring different skillsets altogether)… Not a blend of real estate listing and sales. (Sales and service are two completely different areas of any serious business. Service is where we excel! And, that way any conflicts with commissioned sales are avoided!) Commercial property management is a highly-specialized area of real estate – and you should demand nothing but the best in class to care for your portfolio. Discerning Class A property owners choose Pikes Northwest and have done so for over 15 years…

You might be wondering, “How do I know Pikes Northwest is the right commercial property management company for me?” Great question!

With over 15 years of service in the Salem area, managing marquee Class ‘A’ properties, and our vision to be the best commercial property management firm in Salem, we focus on providing our clients the Peace of mind, Enhanced value from and Pride in their investments. So, you can rest assured we’ll have your best interests and those of your property in mind. Always.

How We Treat Your Tenants…

As a property owner, one of your top priorities are the tenants occupying your property. In fact, it could be said that tenant safety and security is the top priority.

Here at Pikes Northwest, we treat your tenants as if they were our own. Our team is service oriented and interested, in fact, motivated, to solve tenant issues quickly, economically, and efficiently. We understand how valuable they are to you and your property and our goal is yours: keeping them in the property, in a mutually beneficial relationship for the period of time you desire.

To learn more about our services, the next step is to schedule a time to meet with one of our Brokers and Property Managers to complete a 27-Point Executive Analysis of your commercial property. There is no charge and no obligation. (Were we to attach a fee for this service, it would easily exceed $400 in real value.)