Pikes Northwest, LLC’s
Commercial Property Management

Code of Conduct

  • We will do the right thing. Always. No matter the cost.
  • We will return referred clients to our referral partners for future business.
  • We will do everything possible to always be on time and to the penny.
  • We will respond to all inquiries from Owners or Tenants quickly, efficiently and politely.
  • We will strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • We will gladly lead.
  • We are always team players.
  • We do the right things, for the right reasons, the right way, every time.

Have questions or want to know more about what Pikes Northwest can do for you?

What others say about Pikes Northwest reflects our values and commitment to provide property owners like you, with first-in-class service. Here are a few comments from both tenants and property owners.

Barbara Kalnoky, Controller, Mountain West Investment Corp.

Barbara is our first point of contact for the ownership and deals regularly with the Pikes Northwest team on the front line. Mountain West has multiple properties and property types managed by Pikes Northwest. In addition, they are also tenants. In a recent email to us, Barbara said:

"Good heavens, y’all are seriously the best. Thank you for the quick response(s)... I’m appreciative of your proactive approach to management, anticipating and getting out in front of potential issues, and finding quick solutions with as minimal impact to tenants and owners as possible. Couldn’t recommend Pikes more highly!"

Dennis Young, Property Owner, Salem, Oregon.

Denny is a retired real estate broker. Here, he is commenting on our recent process to address COVID-19-related issues for re-opening his buildings. Mr. Young maintains ownership in two significant multi-tenant commercial properties. Additionally, last month, we finished a complex asbestos remediation on one of his properties while he was out of state.

"These procedures are very complex & well thought out… Your detailed letter is most thought provoking…We should definitely discuss this issue in detail when I return. Any updated details you may have in the interim will be most helpful especially the acquisition of PPE, pricing & training guidelines.  I also will discuss these issues with our attorney regarding legal liability if we do or don’t provide all or part of these suggestions. Thank you for providing me with this information."


Liberty Ventures, LLC, owner, Class A, LEED Certified Platinum Building, WaterPlace, in downtown Salem with national tenants. Liberty Ventures has been a Pikes Northwest client for over a decade. Pikes Northwest has managed this incredible property since construction. And, we manage multiple properties for the Owner of Liberty Ventures. Here are his comments to me in a recent letter:

"I wanted to take the opportunity to pass along my thoughts on the property management services that Pikes Northwest has provided for over 10 years on two properties that I own. One property has 10 tenants including a restaurant and several national office tenants.

Since you have taken the reigns from Ted Pikes several months ago, I have been impressed with how seamless the transition has been. Your responsiveness has been exceptional. The support from your experienced team members reassuring.

Managing commercial properties involves critical problem solving, communication, and organizational skills. You and your Pikes Northwest team have earned my trust and I would recommend you to other owners for their commercial property management needs."

Lori is a tenant in one of our mixed-use commercial properties in downtown Salem. Lori has been in a challenging building which has required significant interaction with the Pikes Northwest team. Her comments:

"We are in a building with more than its share of issues. Pikes Northwest took over the management of the building a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, we have had to request onsite assistance several times since they took over. Their response time, service and attitude is always exemplary. We could not be happier with their service."

Watt Family, LLC. Mary Palaniuk, Manager. Mary is the point of contact for the owner of a multi-tenant retail property in Keizer, Oregon, and has been a Pikes Northwest client for over a decade:

"In the short time we’ve worked with Jerry Jones at Pikes Northwest, it’s been our observation that Jerry is a true professional. His communication skills are top notch, from the newsletter he sends his clients, to making appointments in person, via phone or on Zoom.

Jerry is easy to get in contact with, as he returns phone calls and e-mails in a timely way. Along with being a good communicator, Jerry is also a good listener and problem solver. Just one recent example: After listening to us talk about our concerns regarding a commercial building we own, Jerry gave us his thoughts, ideas and possible solutions, and then he organized a meeting for us to speak with another professional for more insight and ideas

All of this took place in a matter of a couple of weeks, in the midst of COVID-19 and social distancing. Jerry is a “doer.” [And, so is the team supporting him!] We are confident that Jerry Jones will continue to do his best in looking after and managing our property and can highly recommend him to other property owners."

Local Salem, Oregon commercial real estate broker and founder of First Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC, Terri Frohnmayer, recently shared this:

“I have had the opportunity to interchange with Jerry Jones of Pikes Northwest on several occasions involving real estate transactions. I found Jerry extremely knowledgeable regarding the property under his management and very willing to assist in information gathering and providing his expertise on the property. Jerry is very conscientious in his work for his clients and at the same time, maintains good relationships with the building tenants . . . a delicate balance for property management companies. I would recommend Jerry to any commercial property owner seeking property management in the Willamette Valley.”

-Terri Frohnmayer

Principal Broker, First Commercial Real Estate Services LLC