The Major Benefits Offered by Pikes Northwest

Here are 10 important benefits Pikes Northwest offers Class ‘A’ commercial property owners like you:

  1. Lease Administration: Never miss another opportunity for a rent increase or CPI adjustment! Our “asset management” style approach ensures the appropriate strategy, comprehensive analysis and action plan for your property’s leases
  2. Take your life back! No more inconvenient interruptions from tenants or vendors…
  3. Live where you want! Many of our clients enjoy warm winter weather down south while their properties here in Salem continue to produce cash flow!
  4. No more handling of rents, calculating and invoicing for CAM charges, dealing with tax pass-throughs and paying bills (these can all be unnecessary and costly liabilities!)
  5. No more coordinating multiple service providers for move-outs, TIs, or other maintenance issues.
  6. Do what the pros do: Review and approve financial reports; stop wasting time generating, creating or managing financial reports – so you can focus on your most valuable skillset or just enjoying your life.
  7. With professional property management in place, owning commercial property can be more financially rewarding when you have happy, long-term tenants getting the attention they desire and deserve. Plus, this makes your property more attractive to both tenants and investors!
  8. When your property goes to market, a professional property manager can play an essential role with a buyer’s due diligence, making it more efficient, meaning you’ll get to closing faster.
  9. I know you’re a sophisticated investor and you intuitively know…While there are no guarantees in life, a professionally managed commercial property ideally generates better, more predictable, worry-free cash flow; and finally, with professional management in place, you can
  10.  …DO WHAT YOU WANT with your life vs. managing your property or tenants!

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION AND SCHEDULE YOUR PROPERTY’S 27-POINT EXECUTIVE PROPERTY ANALYSIS? Contact us today. We’ll schedule a time that works for us both to review your property, your goals and begin the in-depth work to determine if you and your property can benefit from professional commercial property management. Isn’t it time you began to truly take advantage of the benefits of commercial property ownership?