27-Point Executive Property Analysis

youIf you’re considering a change with your current property management situation or, if you’ve considered leveraging commercial property management in the past but just haven’t quite made the commitment to learn more, or, found the right team to back you, there’s never been a better time than right now to request a FREE, no-obligation 27-Point Executive Property Analysis for your existing or future commercial property to see if Pikes Northwest can help.

All new commercial property management client relationships begin with our unique 27-Point Executive Analysis of your commercial property.

Your analysis will provide you a blueprint to discover hidden value in your property and potential pitfalls you can avoid using professional property management coupled with careful planning and analysis.

Your 27-Point Executive Property Analysis Will Answer Questions Like:

  • Do you have an accurate, annual budget that includes all of the necessary line items?
  • What is your property’s ideal tenant “mix?” Do you have it now?
  • Would your property benefit from the use of CAM charges (common area maintenance) and/or pass-thrus of operating expenses for reimbursement?
  • Are you reserving appropriate amounts for future repairs and contingent liabilities?
  • Are you getting a fair price for janitorial, HVAC, and landscaping services? Is it being done professionally and on time? Are tenants satisfied?
  • Are tenants properly insuring you and are you protected against their loss or negligence?
  • Is your property positioned properly – is it at its highest and best use now? (Are you generating as much revenue as possible with the asset?)
  • What can be done to your investment to preserve the asset, improve marketability and value?
  • And so much more!

The process for our Executive Property Analysis and Commercial Property Acceptance Review takes place in three phases:

  1. Our Team completes its 27-Point Executive Property Analysis. This due diligence process can take up to 72 hours once scheduled.
  2. Upon completion of your property’s Executive Analysis, we schedule an in-person or video consultation in our Salem, Oregon office. During this phase, we work together to determine if your property is a fit with our portfolio, and, if so, how we best maximize your asset(s) based on goals you identify.
  3. The final phase is the Commercial Property Acceptance Review. Our executive property managers meet to determine if your property(s) qualifies and fits within our portfolio. We then work through a simple commercial property management agreement and begin the onboarding process.

Finally, here’s what you can expect from us in the first year of managing your commercial investment property:

  1. Our team invests time and resources in getting to know your property. Ideally, in short order, we know your property better than anyone! That includes financial and physical aspects.
  2. We set up a property “business plan” that includes scheduled maintenance – from minor items to major – again, all depending on your goals and objectives. We understand Class A properties require a great deal of time and resources to maintain their status and preserve them as valuable assets.
  3. Once current needs and goals are determined by you and prioritized with a suggested approach, we dedicate a team to not just manage the property but represent and fulfill your vision. Plus, your property will be overseen (where the “buck stops”) by a licensed broker and commercial property manager. Your property team includes a budget expert, maintenance and janitorial director, day porter with regular, scheduled visits, and more.

Ready to begin? The next step is to schedule a time to meet with one of our Brokers and Property Managers to complete a 27-Point Executive Analysis of your commercial property. There is no charge and no obligation. (Were we to attach a fee for this service, it would easily exceed $400 in real value.)